We are a family of four traveling around the world for a year from mid-2017 through mid-2018. Here is a little about each of us. Scroll or jump down to watch our oldest daughter provide more background on how the trip came to be and how we made it happen…

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Dad: Recently retired, technology marketer extraordinaire, guitar dabbler, amateur photographer, and stand-up comic (for family audience only). Main goals during the trip are to educate the kids, hike and sightsee as much as possible, absorb history, culture and geography, and make his wife laugh (the kids just roll their eyes). Main roles during the trip are chief tour guide, trip photographer, chief administrator (aka paper pusher), and school teacher.

IMG_2311 copy (1)Mom: Business owner and consultant, technology marketer extraordinaire, author, and beach and sailing fanatic. Main goals during the trip are to enjoy this concentrated family time while the kids are still willing, spend as much time as possible on the water, and enjoy magnificent views. Main roles during the trip are logistical and travel planner, budget manager, chief morale booster, algebra teacher, and chef (only when she feels like it).

Marina headshot 2 for About page of blogOldest Daughter (13):
Artist, film producer/director/videographer/on-screen personality extraordinaire, clown, and typical teenager. Main goals during the trip are to take in as much natural beauty as possible, experience unique adventures not available at home, meet other kids, and survive a year without her friends. Main roles during the trip are documentarian, best friend and companion to her sister, occasional chef, and most important of all, family comedian.

Lilah headshot 8 for About page of blogYoungest Daughter (11): Explorer, veterinarian and zoologist, music aficionado, on-screen  personality extraordinaire, and typical tween. Main goals during the trip are to spend as much time with animals as possible, become a geography expert, and make friends. Main roles during the trip are serious student, dutiful personal assistant, grocery shopper, and most important of all, Little Miss Sunshine.


Here is our oldest offering a bit of background and answering a few frequently asked questions:


This is our story…