Just a Little Aside…

Despite the fact the next couple of posts include accounts of rocky times, you should know in advance that we have now found our stride, have worked out the kinks and are having a great time. I asked the girls last week during our taxi ride from the Prague airport to our apartment whether they are now all in for the entire year, and both gave me a resounding yes (which in tween/teenland means, “You’ve caught us at a good moment, but let’s see what happens…”). Nonetheless, we have since thrown the red Abort Mission button into the back of the closet, slapped on some sunscreen, and plunged in with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. At least for now.

So let’s talk about Ireland…

5 thoughts on “Just a Little Aside…

  1. That’s great! Glad you are all having the time of your lives! Hope Prague is everything you expect it to be. Can’t wait to hear about Ireland!


  2. So happy to hear that you’ve found balance in the tourist vs world traveler mode. Enjoying the Instagram pictures, videos, and posts.


  3. Prague is an ancient and fascinating city. Please answer: Exactly how old is the city?
    What different cultural groups have ruled the city?


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